Designing Solar and Wind Hybrid System

Enclosed is a simple Hybrid system that I am using. I will explain some mistakes that I made as a beginner as we go along. 2000watts is the amount of power that I wanted my Hybrid System to support. The design I’m using is basically a combination of other designs I’ve found from researching the […]

Basic Solar / Wind Turbine System Sizing

Enter the average daily power use total you calculated from the worksheet: AVERAGE DAILY POWER USE:   2000watts You will want a solar electric system that will provide at least that many watts in one day so that you can power everything plus you want some extra in case you add an appliance or change to […]

Determining How Much Power You Use

First of all, I would like to say that the designs I used appeared to work fine for me and I must say that I can’t be held liable for anything that is done by another individual. This DIY section is for designing a Hybrid solar and wind system for a personal off-grid home. I […]